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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Help please!

I had a large catch today ,including  lots of brown moths that at a quick glance look the same. I eventually sorted them but these two I'm unsure of. Tentatively - Dark Brocade and Feathered Ranunculus? both new to me if they are but I'm a long way from certain on them both. Both seem to be correct size and shape.
Thanks in advance


  1. And I have just seen that Feathered Ranunculus isn't about until August, so I'm stumped with the second moth

  2. The first looks good for Dark Brocade.

    I think the second is a pale brown form of Dusky Brocade.

  3. Thank you. Dark Brocade is a new moth for me so wanted to be sure.

  4. Keep up the good work`re one of 2018`s stalwarts!

  5. Thank you Ian. I am lucky in that I have the time to put into it. I'm well aware that not everybody has that luxury. Also that I live in a great place for moths!