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Monday, 21 May 2018

Ffos Las butterflies

The beautiful weather is bringing out the butterflies and I've at last managed to download the photos from my camera so here are some of my recent sightings on Ffos Las.

A slightly battered brimstone sharing a dandelion with a hover fly, 26th April.

This speckled wood is going to be disappointed if it is trying to find nectar on this dandelion! 30th April.

Common white wave (I think), 13th May.

Dingy skipper, 13th May.  I'm seeing these red list butterflies in good numbers at the moment on Ffos Las so now is a good time for anyone who wishes to see one to visit the site. I counted 22 yesterday (Sunday) on my 4 mile circular walk.

Male orange tip nectaring on a cuckoo flower, 17th May. I first saw this species on 21st April and their numbers have peaked and are in decline again.

A web of lackey moth larvae. I have seen very few webs of these larvae this year whereas 5 or 6 years ago they were very numerous all over the site.

Common carpet moth (I think), 17th May.

Small heath, 17th May. First seen, 13th May.

It was a joy to see this little grebe carrying a chick on its back, 17th May.

As always any corrections gratefully received.


  1. Nice photos as usual Maggie, not easy to snap butterflies & moths in the wild. Moth ids look good to me.

  2. Lovely photo of the grebes, Maggie.

  3. Thanks both for your kind comments. I always seem to be behind downloading photos from the camera and will endeavour to do it more often this season!