Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Cwmllwyd 15 May 2018

Only 53 moths of 21 species were captured by the MV trap at Cwmllwyd on Tuesday, but 10 were FFY: Red Twin-spot Carpet, Flame Carpet, Devon Carpet, Small Phoenix, Brown Silver-line, White-pinion Spotted, Broom Moth, Pale Prominent and Great Prominent. There was one Tortricid FFY and once again, I beg assistance with an ID for that!

 Devon Carpet

 Great Prominent

Tortricid sp.


  1. Sorry Steve, I can't help you with the tortricid, several of them seem to have pale dorsal patches, yours looks fairly distinctive though so someone might recognise it - if any such worthy person is keeping an eye open for us! Otherwise you could try posting a photo on the F/B site.

  2. Looks good for Epinotia immundana Steve.