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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Another Last Night (28/5) at Maenol

This is definitely the last, last night!  I'll think of a new title for next time.

It was a fine, cold night, and only 24 moths of 14spp came out to play.  They included the first Elephant hawk of the season:

Another Puss Moth preferred to remain on the wall outside the trap.  It blended in well with its surroundings, so I left it there - and no hungry beak had found it by 3pm, but I've given it extra protection to ensure that it lives to see another night..

Other firsts were Common Pug (2),  Brown Silver-lines, Clouded-bordered Brindle, and Small Square-spot.  Muslin Moth (2) and Lesser Swallow Prominent are worthy of mention.

I won't label them on the assumption that viewers will know which is which!


  1. Thanks Steve. Looks OK for tonight so I might try again. Meanwhile there's an Elephant Hawk Moth sitting on the door of my polytunnel this morning.