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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Another dozen.

The garden at Cwmllwyd produced 12 more FFY last night (Tuesday 29th May 2018) to add to the 16 found on Sunday. The count for last night was 196 moths of 60 species and included some excellent moths. There was a second Lead Belle and two more Glaucous Shears, taking the total for the year up to five - and these are said to be rare and under-recorded in the county!

Glaucous Shears

I was puzzled for a while by the dark form of Clouded-bordered Brindle; two were found, without the more common pale type occurring.

Clouded-bordered Brindle

Dark Brocade (FFY) is seen here most years:

Dark Brocade

Other FFY included this rather pretty Small Angleshades:

 Small Angleshades

Of the three Alder Kittens (FFY), for a reason unknown to me, but which I shall ascribe to tiredness, I selected the one with the damaged wing for its portrait!

 Alder Kitten

Others not previously seen this year included Spectacle x4, Oblique Carpet, Lychnis, May Highflyer, and Little Emerald.

Whereas these were seen on Sunday as well:

Beautiful Golden Y

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  1. I had a Belle on Tuesday night, Steve, but I'm pretty sure that it was a July one in spite of the early date. I'll post a photo of it in due course. Only one previous record here, July 2013.