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Saturday, 26 May 2018

A mild night in Burry Port

I had twenty odd species with double figures of Common Swift and Treble Lines last night.
I believe I have a Pale-shouldered Brocade here, does anyone concur?
I also believe this to be a Sandy Carpet which is another first for me.
I am puzzled by this wave. It looks a bit like a Cream Wave but there are no black markings on the trailing edges and it does not appear as if they have worn away. I wondered about Common Wave, but the hindwings are slightly pointed and have obvious black dots and the forewings don't seem to me to be the right shape either. Any ideas?
Finally, this Micro has me stumped!
Its the size of a small tortrix.


  1. The last one is a pyralid - Homoeosoma sinuella, which is known from coastal Carms. The 2nd is a sandy carpet.
    I`ll have a look at the others later unless someone beats me to it - which they`re welcome to do!

  2. I'm coming to the conclusion that the wave is Common.