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Monday, 28 May 2018

A Good Night

Things are warming up at Cwmllwyd. Last night (Sunday 27th May), 206 moths of 48 species were attracted to the MV trap in the alder grove and 16 of them were FFY. I don't intend to list them and there were no outstanding rarities, so here are just a few photos instead:

 Small Seraphim

 Alder Moth

 Eucosma cana

And this Tortricid which I'm hoping someone can identify, if you would be so kind! Syndemis musculana, perhaps?

I have waited all day for a mystery moth to open its wings - turns out to be a Lead Belle! Delighted, over the moon, ecstatic!!


  1. A good night here, too, Steve. Sorry I can't help with the tortricid, the 'saddle back' feature looks very distinctive so someone should recognise it.

  2. Syndemis musculana looks to be the king of saddle-backs, Steve!

  3. Yes, looks good for musculana.