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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

A Couple from the Garden

A walk around the property this afternoon produced a couple of interesting moths.

(1) Browsing on a clump of Forget-me-not:

It seems to be a Cochylid, could it be Hysterophora maculosana?  It's a bit darker than the one I had last year, but it does have a reddish patch at the apex of the forewing.

(2) Not in the garden as such, but fluttering around in a rush meadow, along with plenty of Bactra lancealana - I thought that it was one of them, it's about the  right size but didn't look right.  I would be most grateful for help with this one:


  1. Maculosana looks good and 2 is Glyphipterix thrasonella.

  2. Thank you for that, Paul, I didn't look closely enough at the Glyphipterix images, I can see now that the pale markings are elongated, not spots which confused me.