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Saturday, 14 April 2018

White-marked at Cnwc

This gorgeously dark White-marked was one of two that appeared at the Cnwc porch light on Thursday night.  It was a good warm night, and the White-markeds were among 17 spp.  There are records of this scarce moth from 14 Carmarthenshire sites, mostly in the north and centre of the county, and it is notably absent from the south-east (sorry Ian).  Carmarthenshire mothing newbie Laura Moss emailed me recently with a photo of a White-marked she caught in her home trap near Llandovery, which is a very welcome new site for the species.  I hope she will be joining us on the Blog soon.


  1. I've had two White-marked here in Rhandirmwyn, one on 15 March, and another a few nights ago.

  2. Ha ha! Sam likes `rubbing it in` - white-marked, as with great prominent, are moths that I`ve never seen (let alone caught) here at the coast...both are more inland/uplandish species in Carms. The nearest white-markeds to me are at Carmel (Matt) and Gelli Aur (Keith Williams).