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Friday, 13 April 2018

A Quaker-rich Night

Two actinic traps attracted approximately 85 moths of 16 species last night, the most abundant being 23 Hebrew Characters, 15 March Moths, 11 Clouded Drabs and 10 Common Quakers.  Lesser numbers were recorded of Small Quaker, Twin-spot Quaker, Engrailed, Early Grey, Shoulder Stripe, Streamer (always a pleasure to behold), Red Chestnut and Diurnea.fagella, and singles of Red Swordgrass, Early Thorn, Brindled Beauty and Water Carpet.

Diurnea fagella

Getting themselves ready for summer trapping sessions, an abundance of hairy caterpillars are munching on foxgloves in my polytunnel.  I believe that they are Garden Tiger larvae, in which case they've plenty of growing to do, the largest of them are about 1.5" long just now.

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  1. A decent haul in what has been a bit of a slow season so far Chris - I always like seeing Diurnea fagella (which I`ve mostly caught in my woodland traps rather than at home).