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Monday, 5 March 2018

What's this Bird?

I haven't seen a moth for a week or two, but yesterday an unfamiliar bird visited my front lawn and spent the whole morning probing the mossy surface with its magnificent beak.  Since some of my fellow moth-ers have ornithological interests I thought that someone would reassure me that it's a Snipe rather than a Woodcock.  The head markings and white underbelly suggest the former, but I'm not familiar with either species.  Either way it provided great entertainment on an otherwise rather gloomy Sunday morning.

Hopefully there will be some moths to talk about before long!


  1. It is a Snipe Chris.
    I hope to be moth-ing soon too. Going stir crazy with this weather.

  2. I think a lot of birds have been blown into slightly different habitats after this bad weather. Friend of mine saw a curlew down at the caravan site last week. Would imagine that it's normal haunt up on the tops wasn't very comfortable during the blizzrd conditions.

  3. Thanks for your comments Mel & Jane. The Snipe was an unusual sight for me and I enjoyed watching it aerate my lawn, where it remained undisturbed for the best part of three hours.

  4. We get them on our farm regularly over winter months, sometimes flushing 3 - 4 when I walk the fields. I find them to be very elusive so you were lucky to get such a good photo. My best sighting was 17 in snow - I don't think they realised they could be so easily spotted nestled in the snow!