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Monday, 19 February 2018

New for Me

Oak Nicteoline in the trap last night, along with Dotted Border, Chestnut, Red Chestnut, the first Oak Beauties and Satellites (they were a day earlier last year) and Pale Brindled Beauties.
I will put the trap in a slightly different place tonight, protected by Matthews old fishing brolly on a post. Last year I found that lots of moths rested up in the brolly above the light.


  1. The wind got up last night, unexpectedly, and at 2 am I was dismantling said brolly and putting the trap undercover. All for one Red Swordgrass!

  2. I valued my Red Swordgrass Jane, don't see too many of them here!

  3. I don`t think that I`ve ever had a red sword-grass in my home trap (though I`ve had them elsewhere). I`d certainly like to catch one in my garden trap.

  4. I'm very lucky and get them regularly here. They were the first moths I found when we moved here and the reason I started trapping and recording.