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Friday, 17 November 2017

Pix x1

That's only because it was a FFY Winter Moth, one amongst a modest total of 22 moths that visited my two actinic traps on Tuesday night.

Most numerous were Feathered Thorns (10), followed by a couple of Epirritas, Chestnuts, Mottled Beauties and Yellow-line Quakers, singles of Red-line Quaker and Spruce Carpet.  Sadly no December Moths here yet.  No trapping done since Tuesday, it's been either too wet or too cold, or both.

I'm posting another photo of this moth in response to Dave Slade's comments:


  1. Hi Chris, I think i'm being dense here (it happens), but what is the photo? It's very pointy for a winter Moth and not the right shape for Feathered Thorn. I'd say Mallow, but it's not my area so no idea how ludicrous that is!

  2. Many thanks for your observations, Dave. You are right about the wing shape in the photo I posted, not the usual rounded wing tips of Winter Moth, but I've checked my photos taken on the day (15 Nov) and posted another of the same moth (honestly!) but taken a couple of hours earlier. Much more typical of WM I think. I'm puzzled by the apparent difference in wing shape, it's a mystery! If only it were Mallow, it would be the second County record I think. I did think of Northern WM but decided that the hindwings were not pale enough.

  3. I guess it must just be down to the way the terminal cilia has worn off, making it look more pointy than usual. Apologies for getting your hopes up! I would not have doubted your determination based on the second photo though - which illustrates the difficulty of identifying things from photos! I occasionally do 'introduction to Moth ID courses' - do you mind if I use these images? They illustrate the point perfectly!

  4. You were justified in questioning the ident, Dave, on account of the wing shape in the first photo. Still difficult to explain the difference in the photos, the moth was not very active so I can't see it having lost much fringe in two hours. I had altered the position to change the light aspect, might have had some effect. Of course you can use the images, let me know if you want me to send you fresh copies as email attachments.