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Monday, 16 October 2017

The Calm Before the Storm

That was last night (Sunday).  I was going to give the traps a rest, but just before retiring at 10pm I went outside, and the warm, calm atmosphere prompted me to put a small actinic trap outside the front door.  There were enough moths inside the trap this morning to make the effort worthwhile, and it was particularly gratifying to see a trio of migrant species (quartet if you include Silvery Y).

              Rusty-dot Pearl                              Dark Sword-grass


The Vestal was a FFY for me, and like one of Ian's it had a slight orange tint.

The storm is set in for the night, so the traps will be staying indoors.


  1. Great thinking Chris...I wish that I`d put a trap out last night!

  2. Yes indeed Ian, conditions were ideal here, I wish that I'd delayed Saturday night's two traps for a day, but that would have meant missing NMN3!

  3. I was just so tired last night so gave it a miss, put the corner light on which did bring in some moths. Well done Chris, and the Vestal. A lot of fb friends in the group posted quite a few pics of Vestals over the last few days and certainly last night across the country, so certainly one to look out for. It was so mild and peaceful last night. One of those nights when you know you should have, but it just didn't happen!