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Sunday, 8 October 2017


I managed to set the trap at my parents' for the first time for months on Saturday night and I'm glad I did - 19 species was a pretty good haul with a good range of attractive autumnal moths including a surprising appearance by this scalloped hazel - I can't find any mention of this species having a second brood - has anyone else had an autumnal one??

A rush veneer was the only migrant while merveille du jour are always a winner (hence gratuitous photo..), I had 4 which were variable in size and colour.
Other highlights were my first brindled green, yellow-line quaker, red-green carpet and November moth agg. of the year. Red-line quaker was most numerous with 7.


  1. You seem to have the knack Vaughn, of taking really attractive merveille du jour photos - well done. You did better than me on Saturday night as, for me here on the coast, the night turned out clear and cold, with few resultant moths. I`m well behind with my blogs at present, though they relate more to miners than adult moths.

  2. I've checked my 2010-16 records, Vaughn, 29 for Scalloped Hazel but none later than mid-June. A second generation must have occurred this year though, whether it's local to Salem or more widespread remains to be seen.

    1. Thanks Chris - Gwent's moth blog has a useful resource showing graphs of when species have emerged over the years and it shows occasional late summer/autumn appearances of Scalloped Hazel