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Friday, 13 October 2017

NMN Thursday, Cwmllwyd

Like Chris, I also trapped last night, as the next two nights are likely to be even worse up here! The MV trap was in the garden, sheltered by the fisherman's umbrella, so the trap should have stayed dry. Unfortunately, when I checked at 05:00 this morning, the brolly had blown away and I found it precariously balanced on a bridge over a small stream. This had metamorphosed into a raging torrent. If the brolly had missed the bridge, I think it may have been half way to Carmarthen by now! Egg trays outside the trap were a soggy mess, but the inside of the trap was dry. I caught a total of nine moths: November Moth agg. x5 and singles of Green-brindled Crescent, Red-line Quaker, Chestnut and Flounced Chestnut. I will try again on Saturday!

Flounced Chestnut


  1. Well done for trying Steve - and Chris too with his preceding post. I went out earlier to set up my MV and, to cut a story short - realised that I`d stupidly and accidentally left the wet-sensitive electrical components out in the garden since my last trap on Monday night. Worse, I`d put them in a bucket (the same bucket, when upturned, keeps them nice and dry on rainy trapping nights) and they were sitting in a cm or so of water. A label on them states `keep dry`! Needless to say my MV is now not working and may require repairs or replacement of parts. I`ll hopefully try with my actinic tomorrow night, when it`s supposed to be drier and with S winds. Not the best NMN it seems, in terms of weather, moth numbers and, for me, hassle!
    I`ve been having some decent leaf mine records though...

  2. I'm glad that I wasn't the only one to trap on Thursday night, Steve, Good on ya! My published total of ten moths increased by one yesterday, I found a Snout later, in the room where I emptied the traps of moths (and water), I record these loose moths in my book as 'escapees' because I'm not sure which trap they've come from. No trapping last night, I left the porch light on though and found Black Rustic, GBC and PBS (one of each) on the wall this morning.