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Sunday, 15 October 2017

NMN Saturday, Cwmllwyd

Slightly better than Thursday's attempt, with 12 species this time among the 27 moths in the MV trap in the alder grove. In no particular order, these were; Green-brindled Crescent x4, Red-green Carpet x5 (no Autumn Green Carpets were found), November Moth agg. x3, Feathered Thorn x2, a Yellow-line Quaker, a Snout, a Flounced Chestnut, Chestnut x2 and a Silver Y. There were a couple of surprises, however:

A rather battered third generation Engrailed

 Dark Chestnut x5 - a good count, I think, for this less-than-common species in Carmarthenshire.

Everyone's favourite - Merveille du Juor.

Not the most productive NMN(s) we've had at Cwmllwyd!

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  1. I felt a bit disappointed this morning as well, Steve, but maybe we were expecting too much at this time of year. We managed a fair range of species between us and no doubt some of our fellow trappers will add to these.