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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Nicotiana Flowers Fail to Attract

No repeat of 2015 this time, in spite of favourable winds and mild, overcast conditions the actinic trap flanked by Nicotiana plants failed to do the business.

Site of actinic trap at the front

Last night I used the same trap combination as Thursday night, with the MV stationed in a sheltered spot at the back of the house.  A little more success this time, 23 moths of 14 species, the highlight being the first Brown-spot Pinion I've seen for two years.

 Brown-spot Pinion

The only micros in the catch were White-shouldered House Moth, Agonopterix ocellana, and a momphid from the woodshed which hasn't yet stayed still long enough for me to identify the species.  It has settled down now!

Mompha divisella


  1. Much better than me Chris, I had nothing but crane flies! I had Brown-spot pinion last year but none so far this year. In fact the last 2 weeks has been so poor for moths I am beginning to wonder if our regular brown long eared bats have polished off all the moths! They regularly hunt in the porch and one even got in the house last week. The actinic bulb in the porch has just blown so not likely to see much now until I get a replacement from Paul!

  2. Plenty of Crane Flies here, too, Sally. Also bats - don't know which species, but we've had regular displays at the front over the summer, very close to the lounge window, quite spectacular and often more entertaining than the TV! I hope that Paul B. comes up with the goods for you soon so that you can get the porch activities going again.

  3. Received in post today and light now on - only wasps at the moment but hopefully more variety before the strong winds arrive!