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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

More Autumn Fare at Maenol

A large actinic trap went out among the Nicotiana plants last night, but didn't attract anything larger than Silver Ys (2).  Other trappees were FFYs Epirrita sp., 2 Merveille du Jour and Lunar Underwing, and singles of Pine Carpet, Brimstone, Flame Shoulder, Black Rustic and Flounced Chestnut.

Two attempts at trapping last week were hardly worth the effort since the only species recorded was Silver Y, 2 on one occasion and 4 on the other.  However, the Porch light brought something different on Sunday night, FFY Feathered Thorn (as well as another Silver Y).

The weather prospects for the nights of 12-14 October are not very favourable hereabouts but I will try to get the MV trap going at least once, even if it has to be confined in the greenhouse, which has been quite successful in the past.


  1. Good going Chris. Haven't had the Mervielle du Jour here with me yet this year. Had them last year end of Oct, with my first new trap. Trapped Monday 9th Oct and had NFY's which was encouraging!

  2. Had my first Merveille du Jour here in Rhandirmwyn on 29 September and have a few more since. Also had lots of Black Rustic , assorted Chestnuts , Yellow and Red line Quakers, lots of Spruce Carpets and a few Bricks.And others!
    Will try again tonight , slightly under cover in our little wood.

  3. Yes Jacqueline, the MduJs were very fresh-looking and their appearance was timely judging from past years. However, I'm still waiting for the first Green-brindled Crescent and Brindled Green, the latter species being well overdue. Perhaps NMN trapping later this week will bring things up to date!

  4. I had the first for year Green-brindled Crescent on 3rd Oct Chris, and have had several since so they're on their way to you! Fingers crossed a nice variety of moths will arrive in their droves ready for the NMN trapping!!