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Monday, 9 October 2017

Day and Night.....

.....There's no stopping a dedicated (and slightly loopy) moth trapper!

On 8 October (Sunday) we had visitors at Cwmllwyd. One said that he was surprised to see so much Hart's Tongue Fern around the plot, as it did not occur in his Derbyshire garden. I showed him the mines of Psychoides filicivora on the underside of the ferns and within a few seconds was able to pot one of several adults which were disturbed nearby:

 Psychoides filicivora

Once our guests had departed, I set up the MV trap in the alder grove. I found a slightly dissapointing 29 moths in the trap this morning, with only 12 species present, but these included some FFYs with some that are not seen here every year. There were 7x Yellow-line Quaker, 5x Red-line Quaker, 3x November Moth (agg.), 2x Spruce Carpet and those shown below:

 Lunar Underwing

 Pale Pinion

Udea lutialis.


  1. Hi Steve, I think your lutealis is actually the migratory ferrugalis - note the dark discal marking and relatively 'rusty' colour.

    I guess 12 species aint too bad for October!

  2. Blindingly obvious now it's pointed out! I considered U. ferrugalis, but dismissed it when comparing the moth with your fine photo in Chris Manley's book! Thanks for your highly valued input, George.

  3. Oh dear, the misidentification was all my fault! That photo was of a reared specimen (a larva I found on sea beet at Barry Island), so a nice pristine subject for a photo.