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Friday, 27 October 2017

Cwmllwyd 26 October 2017

55 moths of 14 species were in or around the MV trap in the alder grove last night (Thursday). Lots of November Moth agg., eight Feathered Thorns, five Chestnuts, Red-line and Yellow-line Quakers, three Red-green Carpets and one Autumn Green Carpet, two Mottled Umber and one Green-brindled Crescent, as well as some migrants: three Rusty Dot Pearl and this Vestal;

But, most surprising, was this V-Pug, two full months past its usual flight period! And I have since found this Flame (equally late) hiding under the rim of the trap!

Both of the above late-comers were in fresh condition.


  1. The V-Pug looks fresh from your photo Steve, maybe a third generation? I had a Large Yellow Underwing amongst the Epirritas last night, nothing else of note though.

  2. I've added a fresh looking Flame to the above,too, Chris.

  3. Thanks to Ian for pointing out that I had originally contrived to date this blog 15 Oct 2017 !!!