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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Autumn regulars

It's definitely autumnal and moths are another sign of the year turning.

Large Ranunculus, Red-line Quaker and Blair's Shoulder-knot from last night's trap in Burry Port


  1. Well done for trying Adam, as it`s not exactly perfect trapping weather at present.

  2. Some lovely autumnal moths Adam, would love to see one of the Ranunculus moths. Brought the trap out twice recently, but haven't trapped for a few months before that. The traps didn't bring much at all, but have been getting Pink-barred Sallows to my corner light, which I put on if I don't put the trap out. Put light on last night 3rd Oct, which brought me my first Green-brindled Crescent since last year. End of Oct brings me full circle to my first full year of trapping. Some great close ups of the moths Adam.

  3. Thanks both, still lots to see in October!