Friday, 13 October 2017

A Soggy NMN1

Moths don't mind rain, so I'm told, but they don't like wind, and last night there was plenty of both at Maenol.  In spite of the poor conditions I decided to run two traps, a Skinner type 125W MV at the back and a large Heath-type 25W actinic at the front.  Fearing for the safety of the MV lamp I set the alarm for 3am (when the rain was forecast to become heavy) and rescued this trap - it had survived without mishap - but left the actinic one out for the duration.

This morning the MV trap yielded 2 Black Rustics, 2 Flounced Chestnuts, and singles of Setaceous Hebrew Character and Green-brindled Crescent.  Inside the actinic trap there were 2 Flounced Chestnuts,  1 Silver Y and 1 Dark Sword-grass.  And plenty of assorted flies, mostly of the Crane sort.  Not much of a return, but at least I tried!

We've still got wind and rain here and it's forecast to last well into the night, so I'm giving the traps a rest.  If it's more favourable tomorrow night I'll try again.

I feel obliged to post a photo, so here's my solitary FFY GBC, sheltering from the sogginess.

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