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Saturday, 14 October 2017

A Gem of a catch

I had the trap out two nights ago and had a varied catch of 59 moths for 19 species. Including Red Swordgrass, 21 Yellow-line Quaker, 6 Brick, 1 Willow Beauty, Mottled Umbers, a Satellite and this Gem. Well worth setting it up.

I am trapping tonight and have asked anyone in the village who may be interested to come and see the catch tomorrow morning, and have a cuppa . I'm not expecting a flood of visitors but it would be nice if one or two turned up. We have a village Facebook page and I sometimes post moth and other insect pics to try and get some interest going.


  1. That`s good going Jane, with some nice species in your list. I`ve only had a gem once, so full marks!

  2. A fine photo of the Gem, very well done.

  3. Yes indeed Jane, nice photo, nice record. This year's given this species a bit of a boost in the Carms Moth list.

  4. Had another last night, don't think it was the same one as it looked fresher.
    Also a Sprawler. And 41 Yellow-line Quakers! Plus a Dark Sword-grass which, to my shame , I couldn't identify as it had its wings well open. 85+ moths, 16 species.
    Just one Moth Night visitor, but she really enjoyed herself, I had a wonderfully fresh, bright Merveille du Jour which was, truly, the day's marvel.

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