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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Slow going at Llandysul

23 September 2017 - Saturday evening trapping with the MV125 in the garden. Time:  9.00pm til 2.00am.

2 x Snouts, 1 x Sallow, 2 x Square-spot Rustics, 1 x Frosted Orange,  and 1 x rather feisty Dusky Thorn (both the Frosted Orange and Dusky Thorn are new for me, new for garden and new for year).

2 x pics of Pale Tussock larvae found in the garden Thurs 21 Sept, by the following morning it had started to pupate among the apple leaves (see pics below).

Finally, I have also included a two photos of one of the male Lobster moths that emerged far too early. The other 5 are still in pupation!

                                                      Frosted Orange - Gortyna flavago  

                                                        Frosted Orange - Gortyna flavago

                                                       Dusky Thorn - Ennomos fuscantaria

                                                       Dusky Thorn - Ennomos fuscantaria

                                                     Dusky Thorn - Ennomos fuscantaria

                                       Pale Tussock moth larvae - Calliteara pudibunda

Pale Tussock larvae pupating among apple leaves

Early emergence Lobster moth - 17th Sept 2017

Early emergence Lobster moth - 17 Sept 2017

Good luck and happy trapping all.

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