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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

September's Harvest

Quite a modest one compared to previous years, last night's trapping session was only the sixth I've managed this month and generally speaking the results haven't been worth writing home about, as the saying goes.  I did manage to attract a Large Wainscot though, which was nice, only the second record of the species here, the first being in October 2011.

Other notables from last night were Black Rustics (2), FFY Autumnal Rustic, and yet another Dark Sword-grass - they're almost as common as Silver Ys this year.  Centre-barred Sallows seem to have given way to Pink-barred ones, and the Canary-shouldered Thorns which I was getting earlier in the month seem to have faded away.  I've only seen one Pine Carpet this year, it arrived on Saturday night.

 Canary-shouldered Thorn, 6th September
Pine Carpet, 24th September

In spite of the large actinic trap being placed in amongst a profusion of Nicotiana flowers, no Convolvulus HM turned up last night.  I'll keep trying the same recipe though, it worked two years ago!


  1. Great moths for the area nevertheless Chris. I've had a Dusky Thorn, but not the Canary-shouldered Thorn. Fingers crossed for the Convolvulus HM. Don't seem to be getting much with the MV125. I know mates on fb, says the actinic is good for bringing in a variety, rather than numbers like the MV, which is would be good, but I'd need a conversion kit avail from ALS, so I'll look into that.

  2. I would advise against putting all your eggs in the actinic basket. I regularly trap with MV and occasionally with actinic, sometimes on the same night. Although the actinic regularly produces an extra species or two for the night's tally it never comes close to the number or diversity of the MV. Whenever I run just the actinic I wish I'd run just the MV. Actinic are great as Heath traps for trapping away from home, or for urban gardens where MV would disturb people, but I really don't rate them for overall mothing!

  3. Ah ok, good advice then Sam. I only have the MV125 Robinson trap, and trap in my rural garden. Cheers.

  4. My front garden borders the B4459 and although there's not much night traffic I wouldn't illuminate the road with my 125W MV, so I only use that trap in the back garden which overlooks fields. On the other hand the front has a panoramic view of the Afon Tyweli valley and I don't want to miss out on it altogether, so I use the 15 or 25 W actinic trap with a reasonable measure of success. Horses for courses!

  5. I used to run a Robinson MV on a sea wall overlooking saltmarsh and a tidal trade route in North Kent. I contacted the Coast Guard - they were very cooperative and glad I had made contact. I didn't wreck a single ship!

    I would second Sam's comments: you already have the best commercially available trap in the Robinson MV - enjoy!

  6. Cheers for your interesting comments. Trap on tonight, lets see what treasures I get. It only takes one nice moth, and I call that a good night.