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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Re-started at last!

After quite a long period of hardly any trapping, I put out my traps both in the garden and in local woodland last night (18/9). It turned out cooler than anticipated (tonight, Tuesday, looks a better option) and this was reflected by the fairly low numbers of moths, though there is - as others have said - now an autumnal feel to the `moth-mix` with sallow, frosted orange etc.
A surprise in one of the two traps set out in Stradey Woods was a hornet (the wasp, not the moth!). Paul Sperinck made a daytime record of this giant wasp last year and very close-by at Cwmbach hamlet (which is located along the main road which goes through the woods), and it seems to be an increasing and spreading species in Carmarthenshire.

                               Above: this hornet turned up in one of my woodland actinics.

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