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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Pearly Underwing

Home again after a trip to Costa Rica, where I had hoped to see lots of moths, butterflies and beetles, but actually saw disappointingly few. The trap went out as soon as possible and I was rewarded with this Pearly Underwing amongst the many silky-black Black Rustics. A pleasing FFM


  1. Good moth, excellent capture, very well done Jane. Costa Rica is on my bucket list, but I fear it's not going to happen.

  2. I cant say I liked CR much. It is going all out for the tourist wallet, and very effectively too, I got fed up with all the tourist hoardings alongside every road, advertising Cloud Forest experiences, Zip Wires, Tree top walks, Eco Lodges etc. Even along small rough back roads, yet another huge notice for Quetzal Spotting, Sloth viewing......
    I loath road furniture and advertising at the best of times, but usually the info is for local use, this was all aimed at tourists and was overwhelming.
    I did have some great moments, turtles, sloth and a few large insects and butterflies, but I wouldn't go back and I'd find it hard to reccommend except to beach and zip wire adventureres. Perhaps I set my sights too high or am spoilt! Food wasn't anything to write home about either......rant over!