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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Llansteffan moths

I trapped last night, Saturday, at my alternative site and had a mixed bag of Autumn moths. I was unsure about the weather although it forecast dry all night, the wind howled all night and expecting the traps to be in the next county, I was surprised to find them safe where I had placed them.

It seemed to be the night of the Snout as I had 22. I had 10 Common Marbled Carpet and I'm sure a few escaped as I approached the traps, even though I chased a few across the garden they disappeared into the bushes, the carpets can be very flighty.
2 Rush Veneer were the only migrants.
21 species, a fly and a wasp type thing.

L-album Wainscot

Black Rustic

Lilac Beauty


Wasp thing?
My insect books don't cover many flies and wasp families.


  1. Provisional dets Mel, as I`m rusty having not been actively recording flies and aculeates for over 20 years, but the fly looks like the common and distinctive Mesembrina meridiana whilst the wasp seems to be Mellinus arvensis. I may have had a `good` bee record today (I`m checking it out shortly).

  2. Many thanks Ian, I will look them up.

  3. Good moths; very nice photos - well done (as usual) Mel.

  4. Many thanks Jacqueline & Steve, Autumn is on it's way.