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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Late season pug.

On the kitchen window at Cwmllwyd last night (Monday 11 Sept.) was this Double-striped Pug:

While on the 10th this Green-veined White was feeding on Devil's-bit Scabious. Unfortunately, no Marsh Frits inhabit the plot, although there's a colony a couple of miles away.

Just thought I'd post some pix as nothing seems to be happening with moths in Carms at present!


  1. Hadn't trapped in a while, and when I did just over a week ago, the only moths were Brimstones and Square Spot-rustics. I put the corner light on last night, and did get a Snout, Green Carpets and some LBAM's. Slow going at the moment. Hoping all goes well with my December Moths (in pupation at the moment). The very first time I had a go at rearing. I raised them from eggs last year from a female that laid in the trap. I over-wintered the eggs in the fridge, but brought them out to hatch approx 4wks too early as no-one at the time could advise me. Fingers crossed they'll emerge!!

  2. Nice close-up of the green-veined white, Steve.