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Monday, 4 September 2017

Fire and Brimstone

In view of recent weather, 214 moths in the MV trap at Cwmllwyd last night (Sunday 3 September) might not sound too bad a haul. But the truth is that more than a hundred of these were Brimstones - I've never seen anything like it before! Fire was provided by Flame Carpets and Flame Shoulders, who furnished another couple of dozen moths between them. Only 33 species were listed, with (unsurprisingly) Autumnal Rustic as a FFY. Among a small number of micros were these common, but pretty, species:

 Brown China-mark

Eudonia angustea


  1. Did you take a photo of the Brimstones? Must have been a sight to see.

  2. No photo, Mel. The moths were on the top and underside of an umbrella, all over the top of the trap, on the grass, and up to six on each side of egg trays outside and inside the trap - so no real way of illustrating the numbers in a photo.