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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

A disappointing night on the cliffs

It`s less than an hour since I`ve returned from a long-distance `moth jolly` to the cliffs at Telpyn Point, right in the far west of Carmarthenshire, where Chris Manley and I had hoped to catch a black-banded, a species that neither of us has seen. The weather seemed reasonable - cloudy with light winds, but the moths were noticeably absent. We both recorded about a dozen or so species (most of which overlapped), but nothing of significance; for me, 13 feathered gothics were nice, a moth that I infrequently see. We each took two traps (and energy sources) and it was a tough exercise carrying the traps and other `gear` quite a distance down - and particularly, back up again - the steep tracks from the parked vehicle and it was, this time, a herculean effort for poor returns!

Above: life at the edge, with just a low gorse bush separating the trap from the very edge of the cliff.
The Pembrokeshire lights in the distance are of Tenby to the left and Saundersfoot to the right.

Above: looking westwards along the coast to Amroth, with one of Chris Manley`s lights `shining bright`.

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  1. You may just have been a bit too early - I have not recorded it here in Pembs before 17th Sept. Quite envious of your Feathered Gothics though - I've never seen one!