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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Shoulders of Fire

Monday night's MV trap contained a host of pristine-looking Flame Shoulders, outnumbering the Large YUs 2:1 (30:15).  These apart, notable new arrivals were two August Thorns and the grass moths Catoptria pinella and Agriphila selasella:

                                          Two August Thorns

                                      Two of three A. selasellas

Pug moths are causing the usual amount of consternation , one from Monday night and two in the small actinic trap used last night:

                           1                                                           2
1 I think is a Currant Pug; 2 may well be the same species but I'm not sure, White-spotted is a possibility with the smaller discal spot; 3 is smaller and looks distinctive, but  I can't put a name to it and it might have to remain a mystery.


Also in last night's trap was a Sallow Kitten, second generation presumably:

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  1. Nice catch with the Sallow Kitten. I am using the corner light at the moment, and had a Coxcombe Prominent and also a Agriphila selasella.