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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Out in North Carmarthenshire today, looking for Brown Hairstreaks this morning and Marsh Fritillary larval webs in afternoon. We usually go for Brown Hairstreaks second week of September at Museum of Childhood in Llangeler and today we got a sharp reminder of why! No BH on wing for us and we only found one 2017 egg whilst waiting, whereas we normally find a dozen or more. We did much better with Marsh Frit webs, adding another new field with 3 webs in west of Harford (between Lampeter & Talley) and 6 webs (4 in mown fields) to east. We'll be out next 3 to 4 weeks in Carms, Gower, Seven Sisters, Crynant and Tonyrefail if you want to join us.

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