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Friday, 4 August 2017


Hello All.
My name is Mike and this is my first posting since being invited by Ian and Colin a few weeks ago to contribute to the site. I have 2 general sites that I use to discover Moths and Butterflies, my Garden , (G),and the rundown Hendy Cricket Club area, (CC). I've ID'd most of my moths but will certainly need help with others. But, one at a time hey! There are quite a few.
Here is a picture of what I think may be a Brown Tip, not to common I believe.
I've posted a Yellow Tip from my en-suite last year and the Brown Tip(G) from this week.
Any views would be welcome.


  1. I think unfortunately - judging from the wing markings and shape - that it`s just a yellow-tail Mike.
    I once caught a yellow-tail with a brownish tail, but the rest of its morphology pointed to yellow-tail.

  2. The moth on the bush is rather distant, but to me it doesn't look right for Yellowtail (unlike the one you've correctly IDed as that species from indoors). The distant one on the leaf looks rather like White Satin Moth in terms of wing shape. It's very hard to be certain though, and I'm guessing you don't have any other photos...

  3. I see what you mean Sam (I did n`t think of white satin). The lower wing tip looks rather less rounded than yellow tail - and the season is right.I think that Barry had a white satin once (or twice) at Llwynhendy SS59.

  4. Thanks guys. I'll check the other pics to see if theres a better one. Just could'nt get close to it.