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Friday, 18 August 2017

Ffos Las footpaths

Following a request from Rosemary for details how to access the Ffos Las Circuit of footpaths and bridleways here is a copy of the definitive CCC map of the circuit.

I hope that the details are clear enough as the original is a pdf document which I had to print then scan to get a jpeg image to upload.  The best place to start the walk is along path 57/15A/1 which starts by bollards at the end of a parking area adjacent to the village pharmacy which is almost on the only roundabout in the village of Trimsaran.  There is much more parking at Plas y Sarn, the community centre, which has its own exit from the roundabout. (It also has toilets and a cafe.)  That footpath passes the rugby field (and can be muddy after rain) and continues to join path 57/15B/2 at a low metal horse gate and a wide gap in the fence. More out of habit than anything else, I usually walk the path circuit in an anticlockwise direction. (It means the ponds are near the end of the walk so the dog can have a splash and get some of the mud off!) The section of the walk alongside the Morlais to the north can be particularly muddy and especially so with all the rain we have had this summer so wellies are a "must" at the moment.
There is another pedestrian access point at the entrance for horses and jockeys from Culla Road which can be seen on the map. There are bridleway signs at this point and another low horse gate, but no parking. There is a gate across the entrance which is only open on race days.  The race track is visible from some of the paths but is totally separate so they can be walked whether or not racing is on.

I don't want to post my email address on an open blogsite but am happy for Ian or Sam to pass it to any regular member of the blog if they wish to contact me direct to arrange to do the walk together at any time.

Apologies for a long post with no pictures of moths or butterflies but it is moth related.


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