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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Burry Port coast traps...

Yesterday evening (26/8), I placed out three actinics at sites along the coast just east of Burry Port - at a `weedy` brownfield site; at the edge of a reedbed that is rapidly becoming willow scrub and in a vegetated dune hollow. Unfortunately, nothing of special note was caught though some moths of interest that had been previously recorded were in the traps this morning. I include a few below with tired and hopefully correct dets.!

                                               Above: always handsome - an Archer`s dart.
                         Above: an underside view of this restless yellow belle in a jam jar!
                                                   Above: but then, it did settle down...
                                                          Above: small square-spot.
                                                        Above: FFY flounced rustic.
Above: tawny-speckled pug. There were plenty of lime-speck pugs in the traps too - two pugs that are easy to i/d!
Above: complementing Chris Handoll`s earlier record - Mirificarma mulinella, a gorse/broom feeder.

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