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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Autumn's on the Horizon

If any moth heralds the arrival of Autumn, for me it's Frosted Orange.  The first one of the year turned up in my small actinic trap last night, along with a modest number of the usuals - even a few Flame Shoulders!

The one seemingly common migrant lacking from my catch on Monday night visited the porch light last night - Dark Sword-grass.

Another striking moth abundant hereabouts just now:

The costal blotch varies in colour and extent, but I guess that doesn't help with identification.  They look more like Acleris laterana than A. comariana judging from published images, but we have loads of strawberry plants both cultivated and wild in the garden so I guess they have to be given dual status for recording purposes.


  1. Conditions seem very good for migrants at the moment and they're not restricted so much to the coasts. Still getting an occasional Silver Y up here, as well as Dark Sword-grass.