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Sunday, 6 August 2017

All's Quiet at Maenol

Yes, only one night's trapping last week, Friday night, and a very modest catch resulted.  Like Ian the previous night, I had a Rush Veneer and a Rusty-dot Pearl (and a Silver Y was seen in the garden), but the only other visitors worthy of mention were two Bordered Beauties.  I think I've doubled my number of this species this year.

More significantly though a Caryocolum blandella turned up on Friday:

There are no prizes for guessing where this moth was found, in the woodshed of course!


  1. Nice going Chris. I had two Bordered Beauties Saturday, and a Silver Y feeding on buddleia. Earlier last week I saw my first Old Lady, bigger than expected, but lovely to see.

  2. Old Lady was a good result, Jacqueline, that would have been well worth blogging about. There aren't all that many County records. I've not had one here, perhaps that's something I can look forward to.

  3. Really!! Did a foolish thing and thought I'd put it out on the budleia and take a night photo of it, as others on the fb moth group had found some feeding on their budleia. I tried this out, and off it flew, but didn't come back....sigh! Much bigger than I was expecting, looked like a fresh one too. Thanks for that info Chris.