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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Some 'V'ery nice suprises at Llandysul, Carmarthenshire North.

I'm back....... after having had a few teething problems going from old laptop to new! Haven't trapped using Robinson mv since 21st June, after struggling with all that hot weather, but continued with Corner light. Here's the results of the Garden trapping from 21st June and my more recent garden trapping on 12th July using my Robinson mv.

21 June 2017 - brought, 2 x White Ermine, 1 x Brussels lace, 2 x Brimstone, 3 x Elephant Hawk-moth, 1 x Snout, 2 x Marbled White-spot, 2 x Rivulet, 4 x Marbled Minor, 2 x Bright line-Brown eye, 2 x Peach Blossom, 1 x Buff Arches, 3 x Bloodvein, 2 x Light Emerald, 1 x Buff Ermine, 1 July Highflyer, 4 x Udea Olivalis.

Along with some nfy, nfg, nfm, including: 1 x Figure of Eighty, 1 x Rosy Footman, 1 x Dot Moth, 2 x Grey Arches, 1 x Burnished Brass, 1 x Dark Arches, 1 x July Highflyer.


Grey Arches - Polia nebulosa

                                                      Dark Arches - Apamea monoglypha

                                                   Burnished Brass - Diachrysia chrysitis

                                            Figure of Eighty - Tethea ocularis octogesimea  

Wednesday 12 July 2017 - Robinson mv trap in garden. After not trapping since 21 June 2017, I was expecting to see a good number of 'firsts' much to my disappointment. I did however, have a nice variety including  1 x Rosy Tiger, 1 x Drinker 1 x Snout, 2 x Rosy Footman,  1 x Pebble Prominent, 1 x Poplar Hawk-moth, 1 x Elephant Hawk-moth, 2 Engrailed 2nd gen, 6 x Ribband Wave, 1 Light Emerald, and others.

Along with some nfy, nfg, nfm including: 1 x V Moth, 1 x Mother of Pearl, 1 x Phoenix 1 x Purple Thorn 2nd gen, and the first Comma that I noticed, into the garden this year.

                                                             V Moth - Macaria wauaria

                                                       Mother of Pearl - Pleuroptya ruralis
                                              Purple Thorn 2nd gen - Selenia tetralunaria

Happy trapping all!


  1. Excellent stuff and the v moth is a very important find. It may raise the possibility that a population survives in parts of the Teifi Valley area/catchment, given the ongoing sightings at Chris Handoll`s garden not to far away. Well done.

  2. Yes, great news about the V-moth - now a very rare species in South Wales.

  3. Welcome back Jacqueline. I think the V-moth is very rare now, not only in Wales, but in the UK.

  4. Thank Paul, and thank you all for your interesting and informative comments. Great excitement indeed! I had the trap at the back of the bungalow, and just happen to spot the V moth on the wall outside the back door. After seeing Chris's earlier post, I could see at first glance that it may well be the V moth and potted it as quickly as I could!! Everyone works so hard mothing, and making wonderful and records in and around Carmarthenshire and Wales as a whole, I am just glad we have another important record for Carmarthenshire and the Teifi Valley area. I have three apple trees in the garden, but shall certainly be planting Blackcurrant, Redcurrant and gooseberry bushes 'V'ery soon!!Cheers all.

  5. I've only just seen your blog, Jacqueline (Monday morning). The V Moth was a great result, it's good news to find that it's not just confined to my garden! It will be very interesting to see whether we catch any more this year - I had 1 last year and 2 in 2015, the 2nd on 8 August, all of them entered actinic traps whereas this year's, like yours, was at rest outside an MV trap. It was also very nice to get a Figure of 80, a moth I've only had here once, two years ago. Keep up the good work!

  6. Cheers Chris, it's only by reading and seeing your post of the V Moth, that I took more note of what I was seeing. It's so easy to pass a moth off (with wings closed) as a type of Carpet, which I did first time around after checking the trap, then on the way back in after a second trap check, I could see its beautiful markings, and quickly potted it!! It just goes to show how much you can learn from the photos, posts and information from each other on here. Onwards and upwards as they say, and thanks again Chris.

  7. You're welcome, Jacqueline. Large number of moths to the MV trap last night but sadly no V-moths.