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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Some recent and not so recent sightings at Ffos Las

Having downloaded photos from my camera this morning, I was surprised to notice that I hadn't downloaded since mid May, hence some of these sightings are not very recent.

There were 3 drinker moth caterpillars all crossing the footpath within 20 yards of each other, 14th May.

Burnet companion moth, 18th May.

Dingy skippers coupling, 22nd May.

5 spot burnet moth larva, 25th May.

Fox moth larva, 28th May.

A dreadful photo of a moth that I couldn't identify despite having very distinctive markings, 7th June.
Identified as marbled white spot by Ian, thanks

Marbled white, only a few seen each year on Ffos Las, 26th June.

Ringlets coupling, 26th June.

Clouded border, 26th June.

Chevron, 9th July.

Lesser cream wave, 3rd July
Corrected to Small Fan-footed wave by George, Thanks

Emperor dragonfly ovipositing, 8th July.

Comma, infrequently seen, 9th July.

This silver Y was superbly well camouflaged on a dead thistle leaf, 9th July.


  1. Nice photos, as always, Maggie. I suggest marbled white-spot for your unidentified moth of 7/6.

  2. Great photo's Maggie as usual, love reading your post.

  3. Nice photos Maggie.

    Your Lesser Cream Wave looks more like Small Fan-footed Wave to me.


  4. Some super photos Maggie, lovely to see them in situ. Great variety!

  5. Thanks all for your kind comments. I've made the corrections to the original post from the suggestions made by Ian and George. I don't have the knowledge or experience of the rest of you and rely entirely on Chris Manley's second edition book for all my identifications, and if my subject is faded I have real problems, so thanks again.