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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

On the Burry Port coast

Last night (4/7), I left three actinics out on the coast just east of Burry Port, as well as running a garden trap. The night was less than ideal - it was rather cool and the moon shone bright - and this was perhaps reflected by the quite modest numbers and variety in the traps.
At the home trap, the first of the year`s four-spotted footmen appeared, a male.
                                                 Above: male four-spotted footman.

The coastal traps had a fair range of species, with decent numbers of some (eg 10 blacknecks), but the two coastal wainscots (l-album and shore) that were caught here last time were absent, with a couple of smoky wainscots as poor compensation; no sand darts were seen either. I quickly include a few photos from these coastal actinics below:
        Above: Acrobasis marmorea - decent numbers of this pyralid were in two of the coastal traps.
                                    Above: round-winged muslin - just the one was caught.
    Above: another pyralid, Anerastia lotella, which is associated with sandy coastal grassland.
                                                        Above: lesser cream wave?

Tonight`s (Wednesday) weather looks particularly favourable for trapping.


  1. The wave looks rather beige - more the colour of Small Fan-footed rather than the whiter Lesser Cream.

  2. Thanks again George. I`ve done precisely the same mistake before (about 2 or 3 years ago). The illustrations in Townsend & Waring are misleading, showing heavier markings for small fan-footed wave.