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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Micros out of the fridge - Pammene regiana

I caught this attractive micro with the Double-lobed that I`d posted previously, but it was a jumpy specimen and impossible to photograph it until it had stopped moving.
My apologies for the out of focus head, but I just couldn't get it all into the focal plane!


  1. Even so, it's a pretty good shot, Adam. Well done. I often have the same problem and attempt to overcome it by closing the aperture of the camera as far as it will go (to enhance depth of field) and increasing the ISO so that a reasonable shutter speed (for hand held shots) can be maintained. With my little Nikon compact camera this means selecting aperture priority and ISO of about 800 - that's enough to stop the aperture right down. However, the higher ISOs will result in more graininess in the shot, so there is a limit to how far you can go. I expect you know all this anyway, though.

  2. I think this was at f11,I don't like to push the aperture to hard because of the grainy iso problem. Would be better using the number one camera!

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