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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Cwmllwyd, Saturday 8 July 2017

A good night: lots of moths and only a few midges! The MV trap was located in the "garden" where it attracted 266 moths of 77 species, 16 of which were FFY. Among the larger FFYs there were Green Pug x9 (!), Slender Brindle x4, Large Emerald x2, Garden Tiger, Drinker, Dark Arches, Marsh Oblique-barred and:

 Rosy Footman x2.

Some interesting micros were also present, these included:

 Like Chris, I also had Eucosma cana (x2)

 as well as Ypsolopha sequella

and Argolamprotes micella; not seen this one before.


  1. Coincidentally, I had A. micella for the first time last week too. It`s one I`ve been on the look out for after Mel`s Llansteffan examples and Sam`s from Pembrey.
    I`ll blog when I get a chance - still `processing` last week`s moths.

  2. I take my hat off to you Steve, you get these very pretty micros whereas only the little brown/grey/impossible-to-identify jobs turn up here. I must move to the mountains! That sequella is a beautiful creature by the look of it.

  3. My guilty secret is (of course) that I ignore as many of the little brown jobs as I can realistically get away with and just concentrate on those that are easy to identify! I've only seen Y. sequella twice, but you're right - it is a beauty. On the other hand, I've never seen Barred Red, or Sharp-angled Carpet.

  4. It's very interesting that Argolamprotes has now extended so far inland - definitely a moth on the increase!