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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

An early evening walk

I went for a walk around Pembrey Old Harbour last night (10/7), as there are areas of `good habitat` thereabouts - saltmarsh, dunes and sandy `waste-ground`. I can`t even call the walk `dusking`, as it was rather early (c 6.30 to 8.00pm) and it was far too gusty for a really successful evening`s mothing - the moths were certainly `keeping down` in the strong wind. Nevertheless, a few useful records were made.
                   Above: Pembrey Old Harbour looking across the Burry Inlet to Gower.
Above: perhaps roosting for the night? A diurnal moth, latticed heath - though they occur in traps too, so they must sometimes fly at night.

Above: as I ventured onto the sheltered, northern side of the dune ridge next to the golf-course, I stumbled across this rabbit warren, with much Verbascum and patches of thyme....

Above: close searching of the thyme revealed this Coleophora - lixella, a distinctive species with its upturned wing tips, and a thyme associate.


  1. Very nice photo of C. lixella, Ian. Our respective photographic skills are going in different directions, yours improving, mine deteriorating. I shall endeavour to pull my socks up!

  2. Thank you Chris. It`s still a bit of `pot luck` with me, even with the newer camera.