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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The rustic season beckons...

I`ve had the trap out in the garden over the last couple of nights, with a fair variety of moths that included privet and eyed hawk-moths (two of latter), as well as many other macros. The latter included my first (of the season) mottled rustic.

                                                             Above: my mottled rustic.
                                   Above: comparative sizes of eyed and privet hawk-moths.


  1. Very nice. Haven't seen either of these Hawks, whether I will or not remains to be seen. I've had the Poplar and the Elephant Hawks. No Rustic either as yet.

  2. You did well to get them showing all their pretty bits, Ian, nice photo! I had an Eyed Hawk this morning, only the second record here, but the Privet Hawk hasn't appeared for a few years. No reason why you shouldn't get both in due course, Jacqueline, just keep the traps going!