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Tuesday, 27 June 2017


As mentioned below, I took the dogs with me last evening while "doing the look" (to check on
 the sheep) and later in the evening found the moth illustrated below on my clothing! Yarrow is rare at Cwmllwyd; Sneezewort, rather less so. And I think this could suggest that the moth is a Yarrow Plume.

This morning (09:00) I checked our oldest ewe (16 years and blind, so dwells in her own 1/4 acre paddock) and saw two Scarlet Tiger Moths. Unfortunately, I had no net, pots, or camera with me, so there is no proper record of this.


  1. Nice one Steve. Coincidentally, George told me yesterday that he`d had yarrow and thyme plumes at a site in Glamorgan.

  2. It wasn't yarrow plume Ian, it was the one on Pilosella.

    I had yarrow plume in North Carms last week, also on sneezewort. A lovely moth.