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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Quick Note

I found this burnet whilst `dusking` on the coast at Pwll on Tuesday evening. I presume that it is a 5-spot burnet, but the two central spots are n`t fused.

 Last night (Monday 19/6), I left three battery-run actinics at a site near Hendy/Pont Abraham - one on a remnant peat bog, one in oak/birch/chestnut woodland with a bilberry understory and the third in a flower-rich clearing with larches and other conifers. Very large numbers and variety in all three traps and I`ve got many tubes of micros to process, which will take some considerable time (and won`t happen today, as I`ve got `n` things to do). Travelling to the site (10 miles away) and back and `on site listing` took me three hours first thing this morning, such was the variety. There were `good` moths in all three traps.
It certainly is productive trapping weather.
I`ve also got to update the blog sometime regarding Sunday night`s home trap...

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