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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Pembrey Burrows LNR contd

Just wanted to acknowledge all the help with the ID's, THANKS, I'm getting there slowly! Just awaiting delivery of Chris Manleys book which will increase my reference material by 100%.

As an aside I found Sand Dart on Cefn Sidan this morning under driftwood whilst doing my beetle survey, no picture but  comparable to the noctuid in my last blog thanks again.


  1. It`s very likely that it is a sand dart Paul...I have had them in such places at Pembrey.
    Well done re the new county record (reddish light arches)`s a rare event when someone get a new macro these days.

    1. Thanks Ian, the number of moths v number of tubes available was overwhelming, I'll be better prepared next time, tubes on order and Chris Manleys book on the way.

  2. Everyone has to start somewhere; pretty ambitious to start with a county first, though!

  3. Innate skill, you could claim - no-one's in a position to argue at the moment!

  4. I agree, there's nothing like starting on a high note, very well done Paul. I'm happy to get Light Arches here, never mind a Reddish one.

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