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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Pembrey Burrows 20th June 2017

I set the Skinner trap last night, oh and I took the battery this time!!, left it unattended at 23:00hrs and returned to close it at 04:15hrs this morning.
I was a bit overwhelmed to find the trap heavy with moths
There were 100's of Micros in the trap and a good selection of Macros, I believe I had the following, Privet Hawkmoth, Small Elephant Hawk, Elephant Hawk, Buff Tip, Heart & Dart, Large Y Underwing, Dark Arches?, Sallow Kitten?, Shark? Sword Grass, Broad Barred White, Shore Wainscot? Lackey, Clay, Rustic, Sharp angled Carpet and Reddish Light Arches?
If any of the above seem unlikely and are not illustrated below I should have a picture of all the above except the Privet HM

Where there is a ? I am not confident of the id.
A few photographs including a Plume spp and a micro that stood out. All now identified with the help of the group
now confirmed as Common Carpet

? the actual moth had more of a greenish tinge SAND DART

confirmed as Marasmarcha iunaedactyla

Reddish Light Arches

Broad Barred White

Notocelia uddmanniana

Shore Wainscot, based on the dark streak through the wings

Buff Arches


Sallow Kitten


  1. The Swift sp. is a Buff Arches.

    1. Thanks need to look more carefully, just ordered Chris Manlys'2nd edition book!

  2. Well done Paul, some lovely moths. It's so hot out there. The Carpet is not a Sharp Angled Carpet, but will leave the id to the experts. Also, the 'Swift' you have marked is the beautiful Buff Arches, stunning moth that looks like flint. I'm sure there will be id help with your other moths.

  3. Now why didn't I spot the Buff Arches so obvious in the book!

  4. If photo number four is correct - Reddish Light Arches - this could be the first sighting for the county. I recommend that you email Ian and Sam with the picture and retain the moth (if you still have it), for the time being.

  5. No. 6 - the little micro - is Notocelia uddmanniana; Bramble Shoot Moth, I believe.

  6. It certainly looks promising for Reddish Light Arches, and the habitat is right (we see them at Merthyr Mawr Warren in Glamorgan). Looks like most of the others have been cleared up. The carpet is Common Carpet. The plume is Marasmarcha lunaedactyla. The noctuid is probably Sand Dart.

  7. I`ve only just seen this (am Weds) as I have n`t looked at the blog since c 8.00am on Tues. Reddish light arches has been recorded just a couple of miles directly opposite Pembrey Burrows at Cwm Ivy Tor (Whiteford) but not in Carms. So well done indeed. The broad-barred white, shark and shore wainscot are also good records, albeit not in the very top league of reddish light arches.

  8. PS - if you look at clumps of rest-harrow in the evening Paul, you`ll see plenty of the plume that you caught.

  9. I'm late to the party, but many congratulations on your Reddish Light Arches, Paul. Given how often Jon Baker trapped at Pembrey, I suspect your moth might have wandered across from Gower: a lot of moths were on the move at the time. Anyway, it's a great catch!